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The Production Process of Making Lanyards


The Production Process of Making Lanyards from FUJIAN WOVEN WRISTBAND research:

1. order the germ band and dyeing, some times we order the yarns then woven the band after dyeing

2.Iron the bands after dying, there is a special request on the temperature

3.Making the bands on rolls: normally, the rolls are used for silk-screen printing lanyard; Sometime, we use the bands in bulk for sublimation printing lanyards

4.Printing: Including silk-screen printing and sublimation printing

5.Cutting: Cutting the bands in a piece

6.Sewing: Choosing the different color threads for the different bands with different attachments

7.Product Inspection

8.Packing: such as 10pcs/bag, 50pcs/bag or 100pcs/bag

9.Checking the Qty, sealed them in the boxes, write the Mark, weighing, recording, putting in storage.

10.Shipping out the parcel